The Migrantic partners write a weekly tax and/or immigration law column in a local newspaper. These columns are also featured below.

Exemption work authorisation Japanese nationals will be revoked

Pursuant to a decision of the State Council on December 24th 2014, Japanese nationals have free access to the Dutch labour market. An interpretation of the Dutch – Japanese Trade Treaty (1912) and the Dutch – Swiss Friendship Treaty (1875), based on the most favoured nation clause in the Japanese Trade Treaty, resulted in the conclusion that Japanese are equalled … Lees meer

Tax income averaging

Our high progressive rates in box 1 of our individual income tax is dependent on the income derived in a particular year. This is disadvantageous in case of fluctuating income. For example if one derives an income of 0 in year 1, €20,000 in year 2 and €100,000 in year 3, that person pays a … Lees meer

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 Business or work? 

Things you may not know about Dutch work authorisation requirements for foreign directors, supervisory board members, (related party) employees and shareholders of Dutch companies  In our increasingly interconnected world, companies are questioning whether they need to relocate their individual employees or directors particularly when relocation is so expensive. Instead of sending them abroad for years … Lees meer

Changes dividend tax Dutch Cooperative societies (“Coops”)

The Ministry of Finance has announced that they do not see any valid reason for the difference in dividend tax treatment of Dutch limited liability companies such as a N.V. or B.V. (15% dividend withholding tax) compared to Dutch Coops used in international (US) holding structures (generally 0% dividend tax unless in abusive cases). The Cabinet of the Netherlands sees … Lees meer

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Tax Treaty between the USA and the Netherlands will be renegotiated

New US-NL Tax treaty?The U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (‘FATCA’) requires non-US financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, investment companies, etc.) to provide information on their US related accounts to the IRS. To implement the FATCA provisions the US and the Netherlands have concluded a separate intergovernmental agreement. US citizens living in the Netherlands are obliged to file US … Lees meer

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UBO Register

This memorandum is about the upcoming mandatory  registration of ultimate beneficial owners of legal entities established within the European Union in a special register (hereafter: the UBO register).  FOR WHOM IS THIS RELEVANT?  Following a EU directive (2015/849), all member states of the European Union need to set up a register in which  information is filed regarding the legal and ultimate beneficial owners of legal entities established in EU Member States. All ultimate beneficial owners (hereafter: UBO’s), i.e. individuals having a ‘certain important’ (in)direct interest in the above mentioned EU legal entities  need to be registered. The Directive gives an interest of at least  25% … Lees meer